Thank you for your interest in the BeachBlock gaming group

If you wish to join us on our servers please fill out an application by clicking the image below. Please note that once we review your application a couple of things can take place:

1. We may decide to send you an invite immediately.

2. We may hold your application on a waiting list if we have recently added someone to the group. We will only add 1 person at a time and give everyone a chance to get to know each other before adding another, making sure any new additions to the group are going to stay and are not going to be trouble makers.

3. Your application will be ignored if we feel that you are not someone who will fit into our group or that you are not going to produce the quality, family-friendly content that our viewers have come to expect from us.

Also, please contact us if you are interested in a group collab event such as a uhc or something of that nature. Maybe you have a custom map that you want a group of gamers to out? ;) Give us a shout! Or if you have any other comments or suggestions please email me, JT, right here below .