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No, but seriously... who am I? can anyone help me? I’m stuck in a computer factory. This is my last day on earth with my fellow youtubers... it is hard... the sun is burning my eyes as it goes trought the window of my room... it burns... i never tought i would end up like that. I tought i would be going up montains and dying splashed on the gound, or maybe hit by a car in Vice City. It is a shame that i coudnt find a way to stay alive, stay alive, ah ah ah ahh, stay alive...

what i did last

Omnifactory is a minecraft modpack for 1.12.2 designed from the ground up to be an incredibly deep tech-based modpack, but without the grind and the frustration of other "deep" packs. The motto from the outset was " All the complexity, none of the grind"

It's based around Grtegtech Community Edition, similar to FTB Interactions, but with a much simple and relaxed early game allowing you to get into the more advanced portions of Gregtech right away. To compensate for the rushed early game, a great deal of content has been added to the mid, late and endgame, taken from other mods like Ender IO, Thermal expansion and draconic Evolution.

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